Saturday, December 31, 2011

Beaverdam Brewery - 2011 Year in Review

Last year a friend did a year-end wrap up on his blog and I decided I liked it and would shamelessly steal his idea. Keep in mind, I have a wife, three children and a full-time job, so this list will be rather humble compared to the folks that brew every week or aspire to go pro.

Number of batches made: 8

Number of gallons made: 47

First brew day: 4/30/11

Last brew day: 11/17/11

BJCP competition medals won: 1 gold (NHC), 1 silver (Dominion Cup)

Batch with highest alcohol: 7.74% (B16 - Redneck Saison)

Batch with lowest alcohol: 2.10% (B15C – A Little Less Than Ordinary Bitter)

Weighted average ABV of all batches: 5.36%

Favorite batch to brew: Redneck Sour Berliner Weisse

Favorite batch to drink: Redneck in Prague (Bohemian Pilsner-ale)

Worst brew session: B15 Amarillo Sky/Belgian Sky split batch – stuck mash, burner that wouldn’t stay lit, broken hydrometer, an overall bad night

Least favorite batch to drink: B17A – Redneck Wheat – I had dialed down the hops from the previous year and then my efficiency came out so high I had to water it down

Favorite name: “The Blacker the Berry, the Sweeter the Juuuuuce” blackberry wheat

Pounds of grain used: 97.20 lbs

Ounces of hops used: 29.65 oz

Biggest equipment upgrade: chest freezer (to be converted into keezer in 2012)

Biggest trend: Sour beers (or more accurately, fermenting with bacteria and non-traditional yeast)

Firsts in 2011: brewed my first two sours, brewed my first 10 gallon batch, won my first NHC medal,

I hope to brew more in 2012.

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