Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bottling…Bah Humbug

For quite a while I have been eyeing the 7 cubic foot GE chest freezer that Home Depot carries. They’ve put it on sale a couple of times but the sale price was only $15 lower. The day before Thanksgiving I was in the store picking up a few things and I thought I’d swing by the appliance area and stare longingly at my kegerator to be. This is when I noticed that it was on sale for about $150 (a $70 savings off of the normal price). I quickly called the lady over and purchased it. I got it home and fired it up to make sure it worked (as a freezer). Now I need to build a collar (I don’t want to drill through it in case I need to use it as a freezer in the future) and order my faucets, shanks and hoses and I’ll be in business.

The one drawback to this keezer will be the number of kegs I can get in there. I had planned to have four kegs on draft (including a keg of soda for the kids). Unfortunately since most of my kegs are pin lock (read short and fat), I may only be able to get 3 on tap. If I switch all of my stuff over to ball lock, I know I can fit four, but I already have 10 pin lock kegs so I have a decision to make.

Hopefully we’ll christen this thing sometime in January.

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