Monday, February 27, 2012

”Redneck in Prague” Bohemian Pilsner 2nd Tasting

I was watching my VCU Rams exact revenge against George Mason for their last second miracle we have dubbed the Valentine’s Day Massacre. I thought I might need a couple of beverages in case there was a similar outcome and I decided to do another tasting of the Bohemian “Pils” I brewed with kolsch ale yeast.

Aroma: malt sweetness and a hint of noble hop spiciness; no diacetyl, no fruity esters, clean; the fruity esters from the last tasting have definitely faded along with the hop aroma

Appearance: light gold; slightly cloudy; poured with ½ inch white head that persisted for the entire glass and left nice lacing

Flavor: neutral balance between malt and hops; slight malt sweetness nicely offset by firm bitterness; a hint of noble hop spiciness; firm bitter finish; no fruity esters

Mouthfeel: medium carbonation with medium to light body; no astringency or alcohol warmth

Overall impression: great malt/bitterness balance; a nice pilsner; I would like to see substantially more noble hop flavor; A BoPils should be very clear and this has some haze/cloudiness. Use a clarifying agent such as whirfloc or irish moss to clear

In comparing my first tasting to the second, the main things that jump out is the hop flavor/aroma that has definitely faded as well as the fruity esters that were too prominent in the first tasting; Head retention has definitely improved also – I can’t account for the reason. I do know that the one I drank after writing these tasting notes poured with a 2 inch dense head that lasted the entire pint

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