Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lambic Tasting at 10 Months

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While I was taking gravity readings and bottling and kegging the other weekend, I decided to take a gravity ready and try a sample of the Lambic that was brewed last October and still sits in primary. This one is not nearly as complex as I want it. After this sampling, I pitched some additional brett to try to turn up the funk factor in this beer.

Aroma: mostly acid on the nose with a slight touch of funk; needs much more funk

Appearance: crystal clear, pale yellow, still

Flavor: sweet and sour; I still detect a touch of malt sweetness although this has attenuated down to 1.001; sweetness is offset by a sour acidic taste; the lactic acid is definitely the main character; no funk or complexity to speak of

Mouthfeel: light body, fully attenuated, still

Overall impression: acidity is refreshing, but this beer really needs some brett complexity

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