Monday, September 3, 2012

The One and Only Hefeweizen Tasting

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Thankfully I at least was able to drink one pint of the authentic (i.e. German wheat yeast) Hefeweizen before the keg decided to empty itself in the bottom of my kegerator. Having never brewed or even drank an authentic Hefeweizen, I decided to compare it side-by-side with the standard for German Hefeweizen, Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier. I think mine compared very favorably with the control. I’ll definitely need to brew this again soon.

Aroma: wheat spiciness with a hint of banana and a touch of spicy clove; no hop aroma
control: has a light spicy phenolic aroma, but nowhere near as complex as the homebrew

Appearance: yellow/gold; slightly cloudy; voluminous white head that fell to ½ “ during the session; slightly darker and clearer and less head retention than the control

Flavor: cracker-like flavor from the wheat malt; primarily banana on the tongue with a bit of clove in the background; no hop flavor and just enough bitterness to balance the malt sweetness; much more flavor that the control
control: slight tastes of banana and clove with a sour finish

Mouthfeel: low-medium carbonation; light to medium-light body; smooth; much lower carbonation than the control, which is effervescent with a light body

Overall impression: much preferable to the control; good balance between spicy yeast phenols and banana esters; appropriate malt/bitterness ratio; needs more carbonation;
Much of the carbonation was bled off during the dispensing. I am still struggling to balance my system. I carbed this keg to 3 volumes, but it was dispensing with such great pressure that I could barely crack the tap and I think this made much of the CO2 bleed off.

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