Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brewing this week!

I talked last night with SWMBO and I think I got a pass to brew on Thursday night. This will probably be a pretty long night because I really want to get in my first Saison and a batch of American Wheat. Since I haven’t brewed a Saison before, I’m doing what I usually do in this situation and use Jamil’s Saison recipe from Brewing Classic Styles. I absolutely love every Saison I have ever tried and I hope I can brew this, try it and then tweak the recipe to suit my tastes.

I love my American Wheat recipe – super hoppy, crisp and spicy, but I thought I’d try something new and dump half of it on some blackberries in the secondary, so I figured I’d better chop down the hops bill substantially. The original weighs in at @47 IBU, so I’m going to drop this one down to @30 IBU. That should help it blend better with the blackberries (purple beer anyone?).

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