Thursday, April 28, 2011

Getting Prepared

Well, the stage is set, I just need to follow through. Yesterday I went to the LHBS, The Weekend Brewer, and picked up a few things for my brew session on Saturday. This morning I made up 3.9L of starter wort. Yes, I know, kind of an odd volume. I only had 390 grams of DME, and Mr. Malty suggests 10 ml of water per gram of DME so 3.9L is what I made.

Earlier this year I had made up starters of Ringwood (WLP005) and Duvel (WLP570) yeasts for batches that I never brewed. I plan to pluck these out of the refrigerator this evening and add the starter wort in hopes that these two will take off before Saturday.

Now if I can fit in a little brewing between dance performances, swim practice, grass cutting, etc…

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