Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Danger! Danger!

Danger Will Robinson!

I have less than a case of homebrew left. This has become an emergency situation. Luckily I think I have carved out some time Saturday afternoon and evening to get in a brew session. I will have a couple of firsts on Saturday. I’m doing my first 10 gallon batch. I’m brewing 10 gallons of my Amarillo Sky Pale Ale. Half of it will go on its normal Cal Ale yeast and the other half is going on Duvel yeast to make a Belgo-American Pale Ale.

Back in December I was very excited to win a 3 gallon carboy that I planned to use for experimental batches. Well, it has sat empty for the last 4 months, but I’m going to correct that problem this weekend. Experimental batch number 1 will be a Northern English Brown Ale. Not necessarily an experimental recipe (I’m using Jamil’s recipe scaled down to 2.75 gallons) but an experimental process. While I’m mashing the 10 gallon batch, I plan to do the brown ale as my first brew-in-a-bag batch.

Hopefully in about 4 weeks I’ll have 12+ gallons bottled or kegged and these carboys will be filled with more wonderful nectar. If all goes as planned (does it ever), I’ll brew 8 batches before the Dominion Cup. Certainly not enough to win the Plato award, but hopefully enough to make a descent showing. Of course this plan is also dependent on getting a kegerator, because I have no intention of bottling 8 batches of beer between now and August.

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