Friday, February 25, 2011

3 Month Dry Spell

I haven’t brewed in more than three months and the stores are getting rather low. I had ambitious plans to brew several beers between Christmas and the beginning of March to get a few ready for the National Homebrew Competition. I’ve even made two yeast starters and bought the ingredients only to have to abort both my Barleywine/Special Bitter partigyle and my IPA split batch (one with my normal US05 and the other with Duvel Belgian yeast). If I can find the time to brew in the next couple of weeks, I’ll do the 10 gallon IPA split batch (although I’m thinking about making it a really hoppy pale ale instead), but it certainly won’t be ready for NHC. Oh well, I’ll try not to let life get in the way between now and the Dominion Cup.

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