Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Secession Brown Ale

I hadn’t brewed in over a year when lo and behold my wife had to accompany my daughter most of the day for dance recital practice.  I thought I’d try to do a “quick” partial-mash English brown ale.  I had only done one partial-mash brew in my life, as I jumped straight to all-grain after that one partial-mash batch.
This ended up being a tasty and very sessionable brown.

With all of the talk of Scotland declaring independence from the UK, I decided to name this Secession Brown Ale.

Brew Date: 5/17/2014
Beer Number: B35
Beer Name: Secession Brown Ale
Type: Northern English Brown Ale
Primary Fermenter: 5 gal. glass carboy (77 days)
Secondary Fermenter: N/A
Volume: @ 5.00 gal into fermenter
OG: 1.043
FG: 1.009
Expected IBU: 29
Expected SRM: 14
Expected Alcohol %: 4.46%
Calories: 141/12 oz. 

1 lbs. UK 2 row pale malt
9.6 oz. Special Roast
6.4 oz. Victory malt
6.3 oz. Crystal 40L
3.2 oz. Pale Chocolate (200L)
3 lbs. Muntons UK light DME (@15 min.)
0.6 oz. East Kent Goldings (7.2% AA) @60 min.
0.4 oz. East Kent Goldings (7.2 AA) @ 5 min
WLP013 London Ale yeast

Step by Step Process:


  1. Crushed grain in Barley Crusher
  2. Heated 3.25 qt. strike water to @175F and poured into mash tun
  3. Once tun settled to 165F, added grains to tun and stirred – temp. settled at @150F
  4. Mashed for @3 hours– with ending temp @138F
  5. Added @3.0 gal. 175F water to tun and let sit for @15 min.
  6. Manifold came loose – had to empty mash into kettle to re-install manifold; returned mash to tun
  7. Recirculated @ 2 qt.
  8. Opened valve slowly and then wide open and drained into kettle
  9. While draining, fired burner and set heat on medium
  10. When empty, filled with 3 gal. of @170F water, stirred mash, recirculated and drained
  11. Brought to a boil
  12. Pitched bittering hops and boiled for 60 minutes
  13. Rehydrated 3 lbs. DME in ½ gal. hot water; added to boil w/ 14 min. remaining along with chiller
  14. 14. Lost rolling boil for @3 min. but returned to rolling boil for last 11 min.
  15. 15. Added flavor/aroma hops @5 min.
  16. 16. Ran chiller for @20 min. with wort temp dropping to @79F
  17. Transferred to sanitized carboy in fermentation chamber with frozen water bottles
  18. After @12 hours – cooled to upper 58F
  19. Pitched yeast directly from vial
  20. OG was 1.043, below targeted OG of 1.047 – probably due to higher volume

Kegging (8/2/14)

  1. Transferred (approximately 4.75 gal.) to sanitized keg
  2. Set CO2 to 6 psi (target 2.18 atmospheres at 34F)


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