Thursday, September 25, 2014

Black Banana Dunkleweizen

Way back in April (of 2013) I did a triple brew day, but I never got around to posting the recipes.  The first beer I brewed that day was a Dunkleweisen, a first for me. 

Brew Date: 4/27/2013

Beer Number: B30

Beer Name: Black Banana

Type: Dunkelweizen

Primary Fermenter: 3 gal. glass carboy (101 days)

Secondary Fermenter: N/A

Volume: @ 2.75 gal into fermenter

OG: 1.038

FG: 1.003

Expected IBU: 15

Expected SRM: 19

Expected Alcohol %: 4.59%

Calories: 122


2 lbs. White Wheat malt

1 lb 12.8 oz. Vienna malt

2.1 oz. Crystal 40L

2.1 oz. Special B (100L)

1.6 oz. Carafa III special (450L)

7 g. Mt. Hood pellet hops (6.0% AA) 60 min.

WLP300 Hefeweizen yeast

 Step by Step Process:

Yeast Starter (4/21)

  1. Boiled @ 150g Pilsen DME in @1.5L water for 15 minutes
  2. Cooled and pitched yeast harvested from B27
  3. Covered with sanitized foil and swirled infrequently for 4 days
  4. Kreusen appeard @36 hours
  5. Crash cooled in 35F keezer 2 days before pitching


  1. Crushed grain in Barley Crusher; double-crushed wheat
  2. Heated 5.51 qt. strike water to @172F and poured into mash tun
  3. Once tun settled to 166F, added grains to tun and stirred – temp. settled at @152F
  4. Mashed for @7 hours (7:30AM to 2:45PM) – with ending temp @128F
  5. Pulled 2.75 qt. decoction, heated to @175F  and then brought to a boil for @4 min
  6. Added back to the mash which brought the temperature to 162F
  7. Added 1 qt. boiling water to mash tun
  8. Added 2.25 gal. @170F water to mash tun
  9. Recirculated @ 2 qt.
  10. Opened valve slowly and then wide open and drained into kettle
  11. While draining, fired burner and set heat on medium/low
  12. When empty, filled with 3 gal. of 170F water, stirred mash, recirculated and drained
  13. Brought to a boil
  14. Pitched bittering hops and boiled for 60 minutes
  15. After boil, placed kettle in ice water bath – was close to pitching temperature in @ 1 hour
  16. Transferred to sanitized carboy in fermentation chamber temp. 58F
  17. OG was 1.038, below targeted OG of 1.048 – possibly due to initial sachrification rest lower than measured
  18. Pitched yeast starter into @ 58F wort
  19. Activity evident the next morning temp @60F
  20. @3 days – activity evident temp @63F
  21. @4 days – activity has slowed, temp @62F
  22. @6 days – no more activity visible temp @61F

Yeast Starter (4/27)

  1. Decanted liquid from 4/21 yeast starter and allowed to warm on counter for @ 1 hour
  2. Collected an extra 1.5 quarts of wort (final runnings)
  3. Brought to a boil for @10 minutes and then cooled in an ice bath
  4. Once cool, poured into yeast starter – activity evident within 2 hours

Kegging (8/6/13)

  1. Transferred to sanitized keg with 20 psi – target 4.0 volumes CO2


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