Monday, May 13, 2013

Triple Brew Weekend

Wow what a brewing weekend! I did another triple brew day last week. My wife took my two youngest to a Mother-Daughter camp so I took the opportunity to fill up some fermenters. I brewed a Dunkelweizen, a large batch of a Vienna-Citra “SMASH” that I split between Cal Ale and Lager yeast, and the 2013 version of my Lambic. It was a long, busy day. I mashed in my Dunkelweizen at 7:30 AM and I was finished cleaning at 2:30 AM. In between I packed the car for their trip, took my oldest to the mall to buy a birthday present, took her to and picked her up from a birthday party and took her out to dinner.

I also did some interesting things with my 2011 Lambic. I bottled 10 bottles of it. I also put a gallon on 3 lbs. of figs and another gallon on 2 lbs. of cherries. The rest went into a keg to be used for blending down the road.

All in all, a very busy but (hopefully) fruitful weekend.

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