Monday, April 9, 2012

She Likes a Beer!

I have written before about how my wife isn’t a big beer fan and only drinks Miller Lite and Corona Light. I have brewed several beers with her in mind to try to find something she likes. I’ve struck out every time. She has a couple of friends that are fans of craft beer and she had lunch with them the other day. They went to Sine’, which had a Sam Adams tap takeover that day and she ordered their Dunkelweisen and was so excited to tell me that she enjoyed it. I have never had Sam Adams Dunkelweisen. Heck, I don’t think I’ve ever seen their Dunkelweisen, but the first thing I did was hit the Sam Adams website to get some info because of course I’m going to brew one. The information I could glean from their website: 12.6P (@1.051), 5.1% ABV, 13 IBUs, two row pale, wheat malt, carawheat, carafa, Mittelfruh, and a yeast I had never heard of, W-68, which appears to be a Brewing Science Institute yeast. I’ll probably have to stick with WLP300 as it doesn’t appear that BSI caters to homebrewers.

I already had a hefeweizen planned for later this month, so I will probably continue with the plan to brew that and then harvest the yeast for the Dunkelweizen.

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