Monday, March 26, 2012

More Keezer Parts

I ordered or procured the rest of the parts for my keezer build this week. The main part that I was missing was the CO2 manifold. I previously purchased most of my parts for the keezer from Austin Homebrew Supply, but I was not enamored with their manifolds. I was looking for one that I could expand in the future, if I wanted. The four-way manifold at MoreBeer fit the bill. It will allow me to serve four kegs on tap, but also give me the flexibility to expand if I feel the need in the future.

I also went to Lowes over the weekend and bought 2x6s, stain, angle brackets and weather-stripping in order to build the collar for my keezer. I have two kegs ready to go in, so I really need to get on the stick so that I can start serving some hand-crafted draft beer.

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