Saturday, November 5, 2011

”Redneck Wheat” Tasting Notes

I sat down and filled out a BJCP scoresheet while drinking one of my American wheat beers.

Aroma: a light grainy malt aroma with slightly spicy (noble) and citrus hop aroma; no noticeable esters

Appearance: golden and cloudy; pours with a dense white head that gradually falls to the surface but persists as a tight line of white bubbles

Flavor: mild grainy malt flavor; just enough citrusy and noble/spice hop character to offset the malt; good malt/hop balance; finishes dry with a slight bitterness in the end

Mouthfeel: med-high carbonation; light body; no astringency; fluffy head

Overall impression: descent beer; nicely balanced between malt and hops; would like to see more wheat spiciness/graininess and better head retention; possibly try more unmalted wheat and/or a protein rest in the 130 – 135F range

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