Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness is Here!

I love professional football. I love the NBA finals. I pretty much like most sports (no soccer, that does not include you), but nothing compares to the excitement of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament – especially if your alma mater has an invitation.

You may remember VCU as the Cinderella of the 2007 tournament. Everyone knows the story. The little guy going up against that titan, Duke. VCU kept the game close and it was tied at the end of the game when Eric Maynor, a 6-3 sophomore, hit a jumper with under a second to send the Blue Devils packing. Two nights later, Maynor was almost a hero again when #3 Pitt needed overtime to send the Rams back to Richmond, VA.

VCU has another tough draw this year, 11 time National Champion UCLA, otherwise known as City College of Los Angeles. UCLA has been to the Final Four the last 3 years. Unfortunately, after beating Duke, we’re not going to sneak up on anybody. Even the president has picked VCU over UCLA. VCU seems to be the trendy pick – I’m sure that has ticked off the Bruins and they’ll come to play. The committee didn’t do the Rams any favor by scheduling the game for 10 PM EDT, which should be perfect for UCLA and a bit late for the Rams.

If the Rams prevail, I’ll have a celebratory homebrew. If they lose, I’ll drown my sorrows (in a homebrew, of course).


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