Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Man Land

I’m in the middle of finishing my basement and it has been suggested to me that I shouldn’t brew any more until the basement is finished. That totally stinks (did I really say totally, I must really feel strongly) because I’m getting low on beer (all of my freeloading friends and neighbors have made sure of that :-)) I have been trying to find the time to put in the floors for over two months, but we have had something going on every weekend. I plan to tile the bathroom floor (this will be the first time I’ve tiled, so I thought I’d start off in a small room) and we’re throwing around the idea of putting down linoleum squares for the rest of “Man Land”. The price is right and my neighbor put them down and his really looks good. Once I get the flooring done, I’ll be substantially done and I’ll just have to set fixtures in the bathroom, and do the trim. Of course I plan to build a bar with the obligatory kegerator to have my beers on tap (yeah no more bottling!). Hopefully I can find the time to make these plans come to fruition over the next two months or so – it sure would be nice to be done by Christmas…

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